2011 Cosplays - Wrap Up 

These are the cosplays I did this year! There really aren't that many compared to a lot of people who cosplay but all of these were special to me in different ways.

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End of Year 
Wow, it's almost the end of 2011. I haven't updated this blog since the end of 2010. I've been wanting to upload photos but as I hardly ever get hold of all the photos or post process them myself, it's been hard finding the right things to upload. But as you can see, I've uploaded two shoots.

One was the Hunter X Hunter shoot we did. Was really happy I got to cos HxH cause it was one of my favourite series when I first got into manga. The other is a fashion shoot I did with Mark. It was my first and so far only 'fashion' shoot. Was really different because I didn't have to fit a character and the dress was just wow. :D

I've been wondering whether I should upload any of my older shoots but when I look back at them now, they don't really look all that good... D: So you probably will never see those photos. lol. But I do really want to reshoot/shoot for the first time some of my older costumes.

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Vietnamese Identity Shoot 


Models → ふじこ & Lisa

写真 → Mark Sombillo

Dresses by Karen Luu

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シズク → ふじこ

クロロ=ルシルフル → Lisa
マチ → Skye
パクノダ → Winnie

写真 → Darren Tan

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Cosplay Plans for 2011 
Touya Akira - Hikaru no Go
Kaio Uniform Version
Animania Melbourne

Serah Farron - Final Fantasy XIII
Default Version
Supernova Melb Saturday

Ryugamine Mikado - Durarara
School Uniform Version
Supernova Melb Sunday

Kagamine Len - Vocaloid***
Adolescence Version

Kinomoto Sakura - Cardcaptor Sakura
Manga Final Battle Version
Manifest Saturday

Yukimura Chizuru
Default Version
Manifest Sunday

2010 isn't even over yet and 2011 is already planned out. xDDD I'm really excited this time because two of these are series that I've been really wanting to cosplay from for soooo long. Hikaru no Go and CCS. Two of my most favourite series ever. I'm really happy I have such an awesome group of friends to cosplay it with. Hope it all turns out alright!

*** Maybe