Manifest is soooo soon!!! I'm really freaking out.

Originally we were planning to have our FFXIII shoot the week before manifest but that didn't happen due to a lot of annoying things such as weather and customs.... =_=;;

But we're hopefully still doing it this friday. so! I've finally finished my costume. Just need to attach the gold thing to the skirt as well as finish off my leg things...

Here's a preview pic!

with flash
Updated List 
FFXIII – Serah
- Skirt: sew together everything
- Add lace to skirt and hem, add gold things
- Shirt: add on the finishing touches
- Earrings: attempting to make them
- Hair tie/Bracelet: almost bought everything, just need to make
- Leg thing: make out of craft foam and figure out how to attach it
- Leather arm thing: need to make
- Arm bandage: getting from Lisa
- Stockings: I have one, but I want to buy one without lace at the top.
- Contacts: asking lisa to buy. Eos adult grey

Sat – Finny
- Straw Hat: destroy the one I bought so it looks like Finny's
- Cream shirt: buy and modify. Bought, just need to modify.
- Gumboots: buy and add red edges. Or buy some normal black boots.
- Pants: borrowing one of Mel's pants
- Gloves: buy simple gardening gloves
- Grey socks: buy
- Red hairclips: paint some bobby pins
- Pouch: make? or buy something... if i have time

Sun – Maya
- Inner yukata: got the fabric, still need to cut out the material.
- Outer coat: got fabric, need to start making it
- Ribbon obi: got fabric, need to figure out how to make it.
- Necklace + Magatama: bought some polystyrene balls that I'm going to use to make the necklace. (In the process of painting)
- Hair balls: Using the polystyrene balls too. Still have to paint etc.
- Thongs: borrowing Lisa's shoes, might change the colour of the straps with material.
- Ribbon around wrist: need to buy.

Still got so much more to do!!!
Phoenix Wig / Serah Earrings 
Today I went to Jo's house to try to work on his Phoenix Wright wig. We had decided to try and make it with craft foam to form a basic shape and then cut a wig and stick it on so that it keeps its shape. We made the 'cap' and we took heaps of photos of it on his camera so hopefully I'll be able to upload some later.

When I got home, I decided to try and make my serah earrings. I was using Fimo:

and I just wanted to test it out to see if it was even possible.
They actually turned out alright. It's pretty hard to get a good shape but I think with a few more goes, I should be able to do it.

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