List of things I need to do 
FFXIII – Serah
- Skirt: sew together everything
- Shirt: still need to do everything including pattern
- Earrings: attempting to make them
- Hair tie/Bracelet: need to buy all the different jewels and beads etc still
- Leg thing: have no idea how to do this...
- Leather arm thing: need to make
- Arm bandage: buy some bandage
- Stockings: I have one, but I want to buy one without lace at the top.
- Contacts: asking lisa to buy. Eos adult grey

Sat – Finny
- Straw Hat: destroy the one I bought so it looks like Finny's
- Cream shirt: buy and modify. So hard to find a normal cream shirt...
- Gumboots: buy and add red edges. Or buy some normal black boots.
- Pants: I have no idea what to do.... either make or find something as close as possible...
- Gloves: buy simple gardening gloves
- Grey socks: buy
- Red hairclips: buy
- Pouch: make? or buy something...

Sun – Maya
- Inner yukata: got the fabric, still need to cut out the material.
- Outer coat: got fabric, need to start making it
- Ribbon obi: got fabric, need to figure out how to make it.
- Necklace + Magatama: bought some polystyrene balls that I'm going to use to make the necklace. Going to be using model magic to make the magatama. and then still need to paint.
- Hair balls: Using the polystyrene balls too. Still have to paint etc.
- Thongs: borrowing Lisa's shoes, might change the colour of the straps with material.
- Ribbon around wrist: need to buy.

I don't know how I'm going to finish all this in time... =_=;;

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