Maya: Phoenix Wright Progress 
I finally got started on my Maya costume for Phoenix Wright!! I decided to make the outer coat thingy first and luckily, with my past experience of cosplaying from Bleach, it was much easier to understand how to go about making the costume.

I made one version first following a tut I found on the internet (different to the one I used for Bleach because that website is down) but I ended up making everything too small. Luckily I had enough material to make another one so on my second try, it worked out. I ended up following my Bleach costume pattern.

It could probably be better, but I think it's alright for something I did totally by myself. My first piece of clothing done totally by myself~!!! ><

Some photos:
As it is laid flat.

Showing the arm length and width? height? whatever it's called.

And how it sits on me.

And yes.. just ignore the t-shirt I'm wearing underneath.... ><

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