2011 Cosplays - Wrap Up 

These are the cosplays I did this year! There really aren't that many compared to a lot of people who cosplay but all of these were special to me in different ways.

Touya Akira - Hikaru no Go
This was done for Animania (Melb) and this character holds a very special place in my heart because Hikaru no Go is one of my most favourite mangas of all time and Touya is one of my favourite characters. I'm so glad I got to cosplay him, even though the hair didn't end up turning out how I wanted it to. Totally can't wait to do a shoot for this! We were supposed to do one this year but I wanted to do one in Autumn with the red leaves but that kinda disappeared before we knew it... so next year, definitely!

Serah Farron - FFXIII
This was the debut of our FFXIII group at Supanova (Melb). Technically I'd already cosplayed it for a shoot last year but this was the day we did the skit and the whole reason we got the group together in the first place. Special to me cause it was my first FF cosplay (and I love FF games) and also because it was my first cosplay with Skye. Before this, I had only cosplayed with people I originally knew so I guess you could say this was my first step towards meeting new people through the cosplay community and cosplaying with them.

Ryugamine Mikado - Durarara
One of the few series I actually watched this year (or was it last year?). Lol. I don't actually watch that much anime. And was really happy to cosplay from such an interesting series. This was also for Supanova and it was the first time we won anything at the cosplay comp. Best Group! Yeah!!! :D

Kinomoto Sakura - Cardcaptor Sakura
My CHILDHOOD!!!! So much love for this series! Both the english dub (not American mind you.... completely diff... dunno why to this day but Australia actually got the good end of the deal in this case), the japanese anime and the manga. I love them all! It was also my first cosplay where I had to make gloves, a hat, boot covers and pleat a freakin hard to pleat material that everyone said was impossible to do by hand. Seriously, this group was a load of suffering but it turned out epic! If you had asked me what I wanted to dress up as ever since I was a kid, this would be it! This and something sailor moon related. lol. So that's one dream achieved! :D

Yukimura Chizuru - Hakuouki
I guess there isn't anything completely special about this cosplay compared to the ones before... but it is always fun to dress up in olden day Japanese clothes. It's also nice not to have to wear a wig! (real hair ftw!) And it's also nice to be able to do a shoot where you're the only girl character and everyone else are bishies who you are paired with. :D I think I got to try the most different expressions while doing the shoot for this so in a way, that is special. My team is also amazing!

Amane Misa - Death Note
So like, this one was for my friend's birthday party. She got everyone to dress up as characters starting with the same letter as their real name... my name starts with A but I decided to cheat and cosplay Misa (cause her surname starts with A and that comes first in Japanese culture). Lisa cosplayed Light with me so that was heaps of fun! Totally not accurate with the shirt but who doesn't love Death Note. And yes, it's been over cosplayed but I've loved Death Note since it was a one shot so I don't care how overdone people think it is. It was fun doing a casual cosplay!

Kaname Madoka - Puella Magi Madoka Magica
This was for a Melbourne cosplay meet and I was fortunate enough to have Mel lend me her costume. This series is possibly one of the most interesting series I've watched in a while. (not that I've watched many). But the twists combined with the genre and art made it quite memorable. We also shot in the rain. :D

Shizuku - Hunter X Hunter
Another one of my all time favourite series! This shoot was done with such perfect timing considering the new anime series had just started airing and the mangaka had finally started writing again. If you hadn't realised already, all my 'fav' series are all from like... over 10 years ago. hahaha. And this one is still going strong! Even though it had a very stale period. This shoot was kinda amazing. We didn't exactly shoot in the most legal of places considering we were cosplaying the Genei Ryodan and we wanted some abandoned looking area. We ended up crawling under fences and through holes in another fence to get to a place that had wooden planks everywhere, broken old style tvs and just lots of junk. Such a great setting but soooooo not legal. It was interesting to say the least.

Sheryl Nome - Macross Fronter
This cosplay was done for Skye's farewell party. We all cosplayed as a different version of Sheryl Nome so that we could create a 'Sheryl Army' to surprise Skye. (because Skye is well known for her Sheryl cosplays and had always joked about doing an army). My costume was borrowed from a friend who had in fact bought it off Skye a while back and the wig was actually Mel's Panty wig. hahaha. No shoot will ever be done for this but it was loads of fun being surrounded by so many different Sheryls! :D And I seriously do not fit her character at all!

Well that's it. This post turned into a much longer post than I thought it would... but it'll be nice to be able to read this again in the future. (even if it's just for myself). :D

Finally, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! And a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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