More Progress on Serah 
So the holidays have been here for just over a week now... or was it two? i can't even remember cause i've been so busy!

But anyway, I've been trying to work on my Serah skirt inbetween all the other stuff I have to do for my parents. I managed to get the pleats done one day. Then I sewed the whole thing together another day. It would have been fine if I'd not been so lazy and didn't interface my waistband and if I'd made it smaller... (i'm always too worried that it won't fit so I made it a bit too big by accident).

Anyway, so after kinda having completed it, I decided to take the whole thing apart and fix it up. I've re-done the pleats so that the skirt is the right width now. Added interfacing to the waistband and my mum says she'll try and help me fix up the zip so that it's hidden nicely.

I just want to get it done!! >< Cause then I have to do heaps of other stuff...

I shall post some pictures of the process work soon~! (Should have taken a photo of it when it was 'done' before I took it apart again...)

Skirt as it is at the moment. Waistband is just placed at the top at the moment.

Lining material I'll be using to make the lining of the skirt. Wouldn't have been bothered but the skirt material is soooo thin!

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